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Knights of Columbus
St. Martin de Porres - Council 12909

Founded on April 18, 2001

Our Council

Our Council was founded on April 18, 2001 and has grown very rapidly. We are a very active council in both our church and community.

When are Meetings Held

General Meetings are held on the Third Wednesday of the Month at 7:30pm in the Parish Hall. Executive Meetings are held on the First Wednesday of the Month at 7:30pm in the Parish Hall. General Meetings are not held in the months of July and August.

Who are the Knights of Columbus?

    The Knights of Columbus is Catholic.

  • Supporting vocations through the Refund Support Vocations Program (RSVP) and the $8.25 million Knights of Columbus US and Canadian Vocations Scholarship Fund.
  • Promoting evangelization through our Catholic advertising program and by assistance to the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN). Providing a mobile TV production unit to the Vatican and funding satelite uplinks for papal ceremonies.
  • Establishing the $20 million Vicarius Christi Fund, with earnings given to the pope each year for his personal charities.
  • Establishing a $1 million Fr. McGivney Memorial Fund for the development/enhancement of Catholic education in the US and Canada.
  • Sponsoring the Pope John XXIII Center's seminars on life-death issues for bishops of the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and the Philippines.
  • Underwriting the renovation of the facade of St. Peter's Basilica and the swtatues of Sts. Peter and Paul in the square.
  • Distributing special K of C rosaries at the rate of 10,000 monthly -- especially to new members.
  • Subsidizing construction of the "Knights' Chapel" dedicated to Mary, Mother of the Church, at the new headquarters of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, and providing help to the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops through the $1 million Bishop de Laval Fund.
  • Creating a $2 million endowment for the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.
  • Funding the Order's response to Catholic issues in Canada and special Catholic projects through the $150,000 Catholic Initiatives in Canada Fund.
  • Locally: Supporting Habitat for Humanity, Rosalie Hall, Canadian Cancer Society, Arthritis Society and St. Vincent de Paul Society. Most importantly, supporting our Parish Community.

    The Knights of Columbus is Family

  • Defending the innocent unborn by promoting legislation to secure their right to life.
  • Establishing the Pope John Paul II Institute for the Study of Marriage and the Family in Washington, D.C.
  • Involving the entire family in our local programs, from service projects to religious, social and recreational activities. We are over 1.5 million dues-paying members with programs for and participation from the nearly 6 million members of our families.
  • Providing the budget for the Natural Family Planning offices of US and Canadian bishops and assisting the NFP office of Mexican bishops.
  • Recognizing the need for strong Catholic families through our "Family of the Month" and "Family of the Year" programs on the local, state and international levels.
  • Supporting the Archdiocese for Military Services in providing for the spiritual welfare of armed services personnel and their families around the globe.
  • Awarding fellowships, scholarships and student loans for members and their families.

    The Knights of Columbus is Fraternal

    Numbering over 1.5 million dues-paying members in nearly 11,000 councils throughout North and Central America, the Philippines, the Caribbean area, the Bahamas, Guam and Siapan; having grown from humble roots in New Haven, Conn. where the Order was founded in 1882 by Father Michael J. McGivney, a parish priest.
  • Providing major renovation of St. Mary's Church in New Haven, Conn. -- birthplace of the Order -- and entombing there the remains of our founder.
  • Sponsoring a daily Mass at St. Mary's for deceased Knights.
  • Establishing rock-solid financial footing, with assets over $7 billion, and over $35 billion worth of life insurance in force. Our variety of top quality products are available to members and their families. We also refunded $200 million in dividends to insurance members and paid over $100 million in death benefits last year.
  • Providing leadership skills development to more than 20,000 young men who belong to 1,118 Columbian Squires circles, each sponsored by a K of C council or assembly.

What do the Knights do?

    The Knights of Columbus Means Service

  • Donating more than $107 million to charitable causes (sick, disaster victims, disabled, civic and community projects) last year ($819 million since 1989) and volunteering nearly 50 million hours in community service to youth, hospitals, orphanages, handicapped individuals, retarded citizens, food banks (420 million hours since 1989).
  • Making more than 5.5 million visits to the sick and bereaved, donating well over $17 million to churches, homes for the aged, orphanages and hospitals and providing more than 7.4 million hours of service to sick or disabled family members last year.
  • Raising funds and donating time to help house, educate, employ and provide social opportunities for retarded and handicapped citizens.
  • Working with local food banks and soup kitchens, collecting food and providing manpower through "Care and Share".
  • Promoting patriotism. Over 250,000 Sir Knights in 2,200 assemblies participate in the Fourth Degree, the patriotic arm of the Order, fostering responsible citizenship and love of country.
  • Organizing educational, social, service and athletic programs for young people. Local councils and assemblies sponsor Columbian Squires circles, Scout troops, programs to help teens deal with alcohol, drugs, suicide and other problems, as well as opportunities simply to have fun.
  • Donating blood -- 331,736 donors last year alone.

How do I become a Knight?

If you are a practical Catholic aged 18 or older, we invite you to become a member of the Knights of Columbus. Please contact for more information.

About the Knights

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